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Mindfully Mild, Fragrant and Wholesome.

Luscious and simply gorgeous Priya body care products are not what you’d normally expect to find in your local supermarket or pharmacy. Unlike most of the personal care products on the shelf from industrial-sized (often international) companies with equally slick marketing campaigns, Priya hails from a Sydney-based business. We don’t have big budgets to support the brand, but we’re hoping in time that Priya users will notice the quality and difference in our products and in time the good word will spread.

Our uniquely formulated premium products, rich in real, nurturing ingredients, are our way of bringing mild and wholesome choices back into the everyday lives of Aussies. These are the body care products we really wanted to use for ourselves…free from nasty chemicals and made with delicious dollops of the kinds of ingredients that would be at home in our own kitchens….like 100% Australian virgin olive oil, fresh goat’s milk and enlivening notes and infusions of subtle spices, herbs and essences. All of the ingredients are carefully considered and then mindfully combined, in small batches, into delicious and gentle blends.

It’s in this environment of freshness and familiarity that the last, essential ingredient falls into place….the experience. Importantly, the way Priya is used is just as important to us as the way it is made. We want our users to pause, breathe and allow a quiet bathing moment. When you use our products, we encourage you to inhale your first fragrant breath, exhale, consciously relax your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and become fully present and aware of the moment. This simple act of everyday mindfulness will leave you feeling holistically cleansed and nourished, calmed and centred.

Allow, Nourish, Do No Harm.

Priya products are mindfully formulated, premium quality and Australian-made. We strive to ensure that all of our ingredients are ethically sourced and we guarantee our products will never be tested on animals. Yet embracing Priya for your body care is not just about the nourishing ingredients we include, it’s every bit as much about those things we don’t include. So we’d like to thank you for not choosing parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours, synthetic dyes, and genetic modification. The environment thanks you, and your skin thanks you.

We are a Work in Progress.

Using Priya products is a mindful act of loving kindness that in its own small way enhances your wellbeing, the wellbeing of the environment, and of the Australian community. Our products are, like all of us, works in progress and we’re always trying to improve. So if you have any suggestions or insights we’d love to hear them. You’d probably be surprised and delighted at the deep discussions your thoughts can inspire, so go on…let us know what you think!