Mandalas and Priya

We’re sure you will have noticed by now that mandalas are a central theme to our Priya story. They are bright and expressive and just gorgeous to look at. So we thought some of you might enjoy hearing a little bit about what mandalas are and why Priya has embraced them so wholeheartedly.

Mandalas. What are they?

Mandalas are a form of sacred art, usually circular, with visual motifs, geometry and designs emanating from the centre towards the outer edge of the artwork.

As an art form, mandalas are seen in many cultural and spiritual traditions from the well-known Tibetan painted and sand mandalas to Hindu yantras, Navajo sand paintings and even the rose windows of medieval cathedrals.

The word “mandala” itself is Sanskrit for “circle”, yet it refers not just to the circle, but to both the “centre” and the “periphery” at once. When you’re looking at the mandala your eye travels from the centre to the outer edge and back in again. This is a meditative action that helps your mind to relax and become centred. As such, mandalas represent to us a journey from the periphery, the outer world, to the centre, our centre. Because mandalas symbolise the personal spirit in us all, as we take our own journey, we all tend to have our personal favourites that we connect with strongly.

Mandalas also provide a meaningful and vivid connection to rituals and ideas that are both traditional and innovative, and they provide a deep underlying connection to a world of ancient cultural richness, art and beauty.

“The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self”

~ Carl Jung

Our Beautiful Priya Mandalas

Priya as a brand celebrates the idea and art of the mandala. We have designed an entire family of luscious and colourful mandalas to allow us and you to connect to all the richness embedded in the tradition of mindfulness. In fact, from the first mandalas we saw, we realised we couldn’t just have one, they were all so beautiful! So we decided to allow ourselves to revel in the colours and the designs and to have as many mandalas as we could. As more and more Priya products come out, you’ll discover even more Priya mandalas to delight and to inspire gentle focus.

We’d also like to especially tell you about one little mandala that is not full of colours. Instead it’s a simple line drawing that brings together different basic traditional Buddhist design components into a mandala we call “Loving Kindness”. You’ll find it on all of our bottles and boxes, and it’s even embossed into the tops of our soaps to imbue the idea and intent of gentle loving kindness into the soap itself as it is used on our precious bodies. It’s not as bright and colourful as its gorgeous brothers and sisters, but it is a symbol of our special gift to you, the intention that Priya will always try to represent compassion and loving kindness, whether for your skin, for the environment, or for the Australian community and beyond.

The name “Priya” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Beloved”

All things beloved are things we care for. So Priya is all about caring. A moment of mindfulness is an essential act of recognising the “Priya” in ourselves.

To recognise the Beloved in others and in ourselves is to truly connect with the idea of caring that starts with simple choices to nourish our hearts and spirits as well as our bodies, inside and out.